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All about Shakespeare


During the annual spring celebrations of Shakespeare, in Shakespeare week and at other times throughout the year, I so enjoy travelling around talking to youngsters about Shakespeare’s life and inspirations, showing artefacts and pictures that inspired me in writing my retellings.  Click the links to see more: Shakespeare’s Stories and Shakespeare’s Tales.  For more on events click the Jester picture (by wonderful James Mayhew, who illustrated Shakespeare’s Stories). I’m also deep in thinking about another idea which keeps me snooping around Elizabethan places and dreaming up devious and dangerous plots …


ShoutWest! Festivals

I love working with fellow authors of CWISL, giving events for young readers and writers. ShoutWest! 2018, the 4th wonderful CWISL creative writing festival for young people at Brunel University, took place last year.  It’s an annual event, and we’re already gearing up for 2019’s this coming June.

To see the kind of fun we have, watch this video.

We also run a parallel festival ShoutSouth! at London South Bank University. For more information on CWISL take a look at our website



Retelling folk tales …

Two-animal-tales-for-webI’ve really loved writing this. I thought about all the folk tales I heard as a child in Africa, and discovered so many new ones. In the end, I chose these two. They’re both about friendship, but very different.

One’s about teamwork, helping each other, about succeeding even when you’re very small. The other’s about betrayal, and rather sad.
Both tales have vibrant illustrations by artist Daniele Fabbri.


Thoughts on writing picture books

I’ve been thinking back to all the picture books I’ve written and that pure pleasure of teaming up with an artist – sharing their vision – Perfect Partnerships.


'a book which holds you from the first page'

'richly atmospheric'
'compelling reading'

'enjoyable, strongly written'
'excels at suggesting children's ability to keep several preoccupations, inner and outer, serious and trivial, active at the same time'