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On writing picture books and creative partnerships

In picture books there is the artist, bringing unknown dimensions and possibilities. The open-endedness of that is marvellous. Continue reading

Don’t let the bullies win

I wrote this for Young Scot magazine. Continue reading

Guest blogs I’ve written

A selection of blogs I’ve written as author and editor Continue reading

Guest blogs I’ve written

View from my Desk

Written for Notes from the Slushpile

I’m often asked what I think of the ‘state of publishing’. It all depends on whose prism I’m peering through. More than ever publishing seems divided into the pessimistic and the optimistic – gloom and a mourning of lost times on the one hand, promise and widening opportunity – e-technology and the ease of linking with readers through social media – on the other.  Read more





Trust Your Subconscious

   Written for Words and Pictureswords-and-pictures-c

‘… The issue for us (writers) is not so much learning to tap into our subconscious, but keeping confidence in it; having the courage not to treat it as an unwanted intruder and try to shut it out, but give it nurturing space.’  read more