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Weird and wonderful facts about discoveries that have helped change our world


Weird and wonderful facts about inventions ...


A feast of weird and wonderful facts about transport


In a vast African landscape, four teenagers and a journalist vanish ...

Gulliver’s Travels

Gulliver is shipwrecked and washed ashore on the exotic island of Lilliput ...

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rift cover

In a vast African landscape four teenagers and a journalist vanish without trace from a camp below a steep rock ridge, ‘Chomlaya’.


Ella, the young sister of the journalist, helps Inspector Murothi piece together what’s happened as the search helicopters continue their constant hum over the rock ridge. But Ella and Murothi begin to wonder whether they are already too late …








What inspired RIFT?

Firstly, a memory …


‘It’s night-time; I’m stepping into a dark tent. The only light is the beam from my torch. My feet touch something warm, soft and sticky. Swing the torchbeam down. Something’s squelching over my sandals – wet, glistening. It takes a moment to recognise the innards of a decapitated snake spewed across the groundsheet. …

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Secondly …



Fascination with the atmosphere of places. And with the search for human beginnings in Africa, skull-from-guidecropped-001-cwhere I grew up. I thought ‘what if people disappeared in peculiar, unexplained ways? What if it happened  in the place we think was the cradle of humankind?

Then there’s the raw wildness of mountains and plains, animals and birds … I imagined being lost there. Coming face to face with an elephant or rhino. Or a leopard …



Photos: © Nick Birch



[RIFT published by Egmont Press, audio by W.F. Howes, Film optioned by Hanthum Films]