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About my books, my writing life, creative writing, about reading, or any combination of these.


Weird and wonderful facts about discoveries that have helped change our world


Weird and wonderful facts about inventions ...


A feast of weird and wonderful facts about transport


In a vast African landscape, four teenagers and a journalist vanish ...

Gulliver’s Travels

Gulliver is shipwrecked and washed ashore on the exotic island of Lilliput ...

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Suzi, Sam, George and Alice



Seven o’clock on Sunday morning. Parents just want to lie in bed and sleep …

But Suzi, Sam, George and Alice have other ideas about what THEY want to do …

Illustrated by Sally Gardener




Lots of funny things going on and a smart, bouncy text.

Books for Children


The stars of this story …

… were my real cats, who were really called George and Alice and my real children when they were small, who weren’t called Sam and Suzi. I borrowed those names from two of their friends. The story is based on real things that happened at home …

Alice was small, dainty and very bossy. She thought she was in charge. George was large, lazy and loved just sleeping in the middle of the chaos around him.


[Suzi, Sam, George and Alice published by The Bodley Head & Red Fox, Random House]