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In a vast African landscape, four teenagers and a journalist vanish ...

Gulliver’s Travels

Gulliver is shipwrecked and washed ashore on the exotic island of Lilliput ...

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The Night of the Fire Lilies


‘The lights flickered, like red eyes mocking her from the darkness. They lurched, bobbed, weaving away down the track. She choked on the stench of dust – and a sudden, drenching shock at what she’d done.’


A holiday in Italy! The chance of a lifetime to Jennifer – except it’s with cousin Berny, five years older and fifty times cooler.



The mountain village is beautiful, the villagers friendly … particularly Paulo, their glamorous neighbor.  Berny thinks he’s wonderful.  Jennifer just doesn’t trust him – his invitations, his presents, his endless promises.


Berny says she’s  a fool, with no sense of fun. So now she’ll have to find courage and stand alone. But as the village carnival draws near – the Night of the Fire Lilies – Jennifer’s caught in a tangled web of shadowy strangers, deceit, intrigue … and death.






Photos: © Nick Birch




[The Night of the Fire Lilies published by The Bodley Head & Red Fox, Random House]