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Events for young people

About my books, my writing life, creative writing, about reading, or any combination of these. Continue reading

Events for adults

Talks, workshops or masterclasses on writing and publishing. Continue reading

Events for young people

I offer sessions on:

  • My books and the inspirations behind them
  • Being an author
  • Creative writing
  • Any combination of these

Sessions are specifically designed for different age groups.


I also do the following themed sessions:


Shakespeare, his life, inspirations and his plays

Particularly for Shakespeare Week.

These sessions are inspired by my research for retelling his plays for a young audience. They focus around his life and inspirations, theatre in Tudor times, his plays – with readings from the retellings. The sessions are interactive, and I bring artefacts for children to handle.

For years 5-7



Focused around Mary Shelley’s original vision as a teenager, and how she came to start writing the story: on Lake Geneva, 200 years ago this June, in company with Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley, after reading ghost stories. With readings from my retelling.

For years 3-7


Animal Folktales

Drawn from wonderfully rich mine of animal tales across the world, and stories told to me during my own childhood in Africa. How these stories often travel from continent to continent and how their themes and variations can be found the world over.

With readings from some of my retellings.

For years 1-3.

Can be adapted for years 5-6 as a creative writing session – producing their own retelling and picture book, on their own, or partnering a friend.



Editing and Publishing

Drawing on my experience as a commissioning editor in children’s publishing. Talks about being an editor and about the process of publishing – how it works, publishing as a career, putting books together.

Can be designed for year 6 up to year 13.

Can be focused as a career talk for students contemplating internships and career choices.


For more information please contact me here

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