Two Animal Tales from Africa

Two-animal-tales-for-webTwo traditional tales about the wild animals of Africa, beautifully illustrated.

‘The Water Thief’ is about the mischievous antics of Hyena and how all the animals fail to stop him – except one. Who is clever enough to outwit him?

‘Lumbwi and the Gazelle’ tells of a moving friendship between a man and a beautiful gazelle. But when Lumbwi embarks on a new life he no longer has time for his old friend …



Illustrated by Daniele Fabbri

Some pages from the book

[published by HarperCollins: Collins Big Cat]

Turtle’s Party in the Clouds



Turtle loves parties. She so wants to go the party in the clouds, but how can she get there without wings?

She has a very clever plan … but things don’t go quite the way she wants them …



Inspired by a traditional Brazilian folktale



Illustrated by Christine Jenny



some pages from the book




[published by HarperCollins: Collins Big Cat]

Greedy Anansi and his Three Cunning Plans


Crafty spider Anansi’s greed and cunning don’t always get him what he wants.


Inspired by three traditional tales told in several parts of Africa and the Caribbean.


Illustrated by Alexander Jansson




[published by HarperCollins: Collins Big Cat]

Down the Road to Jamie’s House


Annie wants to go to Jamie’s house

but Mum is feeding Ben – and feeding Ben

takes hours and hours

and days and days

and weeks and weeks

and months and months

and even all the year.


       Annie knows where Jamie’s house is.

And she knows she’ll be safe

wearing her explorer’s hat …

But …



Illustrated by Adrian Reynolds



A lovely story.’

Early Years Educator


‘The happy marriage that occurs when

authors and illustrators are perfectly matched.’

The Bookseller


some pages from the book


[Down the Road to Jamie’s House published by Hodder Children’s Books]


Suzi, Sam, George and Alice



Seven o’clock on Sunday morning. Parents just want to lie in bed and sleep …

But Suzi, Sam, George and Alice have other ideas about what THEY want to do …

Illustrated by Sally Gardener




Lots of funny things going on and a smart, bouncy text.

Books for Children


The stars of this story …

… were my real cats, who were really called George and Alice and my real children when they were small, who weren’t called Sam and Suzi. I borrowed those names from two of their friends. The story is based on real things that happened at home …

Alice was small, dainty and very bossy. She thought she was in charge. George was large, lazy and loved just sleeping in the middle of the chaos around him.


[Suzi, Sam, George and Alice published by The Bodley Head & Red Fox, Random House]