My new novel

Love story, ghost story, thriller… a young adult novel, now out in paperback.

Song Beneath the Tides is published by wonderful publisher Guppy Books

Thrilled that it has been described as “gripping”, “haunting” and “powerful”. Reviews keep coming.

To find out more:

Song Beneath the Tides


Had such fun making this trailer, looking through pictures, listening to Ayub Ogada’s wonderful music. Experiences came back to me, special memories of my childhood and travels, and of visiting other places that inspired me to dream up stories.

Retelling folk tales …

Two-animal-tales-for-webI’ve really loved writing this. I thought about all the folk tales I heard as a child in Africa, and discovered so many new ones. In the end, I chose these two. They’re both about friendship, but very different.

One’s about teamwork, helping each other, about succeeding even when you’re very small. The other’s about betrayal, and rather sad.
Both tales have vibrant illustrations by artist Daniele Fabbri.


Thoughts on writing picture books

I’ve been thinking back to all the picture books I’ve written and that pure pleasure of teaming up with an artist – sharing their vision – Perfect Partnerships.

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